More Drugstores Striving to be Eco-friendly

PlanetRx, an online distributor of medical, health, beauty, and lifestyle products, is committed to environmentally conscious business practices. PlanetRx recycles almost everything that can be recycled and uses alternative energy to power its corporate offices in addition to donating a part of its profits to environmental non-profit organizations.

Some pharmacies and health stores are beginning to go green by launching “take back” programs, which allow customers to return unused or expired products for environmentally conscious disposal. The companies recycle stock bottles and vials instead of sending them to landfills and make an effort to keep unused drugs out of the water supply. Other pharmaceutical companies are beginning to invest in eco-friendly packaging and drugs.

Adopting an eco-friendly approach to running one’s business is not only good for the environment but can also be good for the bottom line. Some medical supply businesses have contracted waste-to-energy facilities that incinerate unused and expired medications and generate power from the emissions. Simpler options include using energy-efficient lighting, flooring, and air-conditioning systems, which decrease energy costs and are better for the environment.