How to Detox Properly

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Whether you are feeling run down, experiencing frequent skin problems, or simply want to restart your diet, a detox is a great option. Before you start, however, make sure to talk with your doctor and gather as much information as possible on safe methods for detoxing your body.

The first step in any detox plan is to eliminate the ingestion of toxins. This means refraining from coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, manufactured sugars, and solid fats. You should use house-cleaning products as little as possible, and seek out natural options in personal care products such as shampoo and toothpaste.

Reducing the amount of stress on your body is equally important, as stress is one of the leading causes of basic health issues. And since your body will be taking in fewer calories, it’s best not to engage in strenuous exercise. Yoga and meditation are simple methods for reducing stress while you detox.

Once you have begun to eliminate stress and toxins from your daily life, you are ready to start a detox program. Most detox programs last about seven days, including a two-day “juice” or fast during which you ingest only liquids, and a five-day period of eating a carefully structured diet.