PlanetRxAs a web-based distributor of personal care, medical, and healthy lifestyle products, PlanetRx offers a wide variety of items for sale. Its range of merchandise includes groceries and daily living products such as contact lens solutions and cosmetics, as well as intravenous (IV) line supplies and other medical care aids. In addition, PlanetRx sells herbal supplements and fitness accessories, first aid supplies, pregnancy tests and sexual aids, and many other popular and necessary items. Due to this wide range of products, the company provides customers with a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

PlanetRx operates based on a sound philosophy of social, civic, and environmental responsibility. Its purchasing teams actively seek out vendors that maintain sustainable packaging and production practices. PlanetRx believes that practices such as these help support personal and community wellness, and bring added value to customers.

To ensure convenience, PlanetRx provides free shipping on all orders over $49. In addition, PlanetRx’s handy auto-ship program automatically delivers regularly needed items at a 5% savings over the regular price.


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