Be Prepared – Medicine Cabinet Essentials


The online drugstore PlanetRx offers more than 30,000 health care, diet, and personal health products. PlanetRx has a full selection of diabetic care products, pain relief medication, and much more. A late-night trip to the pharmacy is the last thing anyone wants to make if they are struck by sudden pain, fever, or intense indigestion. It is better to make a daytime trip to the local grocery store or pharmacy while you are healthy so that you can stock up on some of the basics that every medicine cabinet should have. Pain relievers and fever reducers are the primary items that every medicine cabinet should feature. Ibuprofen, Advil, and Motrin are all good examples of medicines that treat a wide range of stomach pains, headaches, and fevers. Similarly, if you are prone to experiencing heartburn and indigestion, make sure to have a quality antacid product on hand. Antibiotic ointment is equally important, as you never know when you will need to treat a cut or wound before bandaging it. Allergy and cold medications round out some of the basic supplies that you should have in your cabinet. There is also one less-obvious item that should be in your medicine cabinet. The ordinary person might not think of this product until it is too late. Some people are unfortunate enough to have to deal with hives on a semi-regular basis, while the lucky ones will experience hives only once or twice in a lifetime. Either way, there is no possible way to get any sleep when your body is covered in an itchy rash that can stretch from your waist to your toes. Benadryl is a great way to reduce the irritation and itching of hives until the symptoms pass, or until you can get to a doctor for a more effective prescription.


Healthy Eating Before, During and After a Workout

WorkoutPlanetRx helps customers to care for themselves and their communities by offering a wide variety of health products and dietary options that encourage healthy eating. In dozens of categories, PlanetRx offers a diverse selection of sports nutrition products. Vitamins, proteins, and proper diet should be a primary concern for every individual, but active athletes must take special care of their bodies. For an athlete or any person who is about to take part in a rigorous workout, how the body is fueled before, during, and after the exercise is extremely important. What you eat beforehand will determine how much energy you have, and therefore how far you can push your body during the workout. The bigger the meal, the farther in advance you will want to ingest it, but exercising on a completely empty stomach is a remedy for disaster. A chicken sandwich is a great source of protein, as are any pasta-based meals. If you do not have much preparation time, try a piece of toast with some dry beans. Any pre-workout meal should include vegetables. A banana is the perfect option for a mid-workout snack. Snacking on raisins, cereal bars, and isotonic sports drinks are also good ways to keep your health up while exercising. Eating after exercising is equally important in order to replenish your body. Fruit, nuts, sports bars, and yogurt are all good post-workout choices, as you should be able to eat something simple almost immediately after your activity.